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Last Update to photos/Video's. . . 14th January. (added 17 more thanks to Peter from Germany). 3 more at the church, 5 more evening, 6 more familly meal & 3 more at the 'Vic'

282 pictures in total

Guys, we're out of pictures. Have you got any more pictures that you'd like to see up on this site ? If so, let us know & we'll put them up.

Official Pictures
These are the official photos, mainly formal. There is however a guest appearance from Number 6's nightmare, Rover!
Details on how to order reprints are included on the main index

Official Photos

Informal Pictures
These pictures are taken by us and our guests throughout the day. The disposable cameras on the tables are now in! Watch this space though for the evening shots from these cameras. They'll be here soon and they tell some stories. . .

Pre Wedding Day Meal
Wedding Service & in the Church
Outside the church (UPDATED 14.01.02)
Outside the church - Black & White 'photo journalist' shots
Royal Victoria Hotel - Misc (NEW 14.01.02)
Wedding Breakfast Pictures
Coffee & Evening Reception Pictures (UPDATED 14.01.02)
Family Meal Pictures (UPDATED 14.01.02)
Portmeirion - I am not a number!
Kentucky Fried Chicken !!?!!
Misc pictures

Video Bites!
The first test Video bite is now here. There are several to come but it's been harder than we thought. Also some Audio coming soon. To see what we have so far, Click Below.

Multi Media

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The Wedding Reception Venue - Royal Victoria Hotel, Llanberis

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