Multi Media

Firstly the technical bit. These file are quite big, so make sure you've got a good internet connection. Instead of clicking on them, you may prefer to RIGHT click on them, save them locally and then play them back from you hard disk.

The AVI's are encoded using the DMB1 Codec, so you may not be able to play them straight off. If you can't, you need to install the DMB1 codec from here. For more information about this codec, see Note that this is version 3 - the previous version, version 2 has now expired and won't work. . .

Here they are then. . .
They are generally HUGE in size, so you really need ADSL or a friendly boss for download at work. . .
Also, note that they are not full screen, full quality captures. They would just be obscenely too big! If you want to see the real thing, you'll have to come round and see us the old fashioned way!

Firstly the one you've been waiting for. . .

Official Video
L A D Y! (100MB - YES 100 Megabyte!)

These ones are from the unofficial video shot by Iain & Hugh.

Unofficial Video
Walking down the Aisle (5008KB)
LADY! From the rear of the church (3446KB)
The Bride & Groom kiss under Dita's Veil (1330KB)
LADY! Top table (5116KB)
LADY! - getting it wrong. . . (1218KB)
Emily's Feet! (1344KB)
Lou & The Helium. . . (1491KB)
Young Alex and the Wedding Buster. . . (5073KB)
The Green Eyed Monstor. . . (1651KB)